Innovative methods of construction
What problems does the builder, erecting new buildings in Moscow

The reasons for the bankruptcy of many construction companies referred to fraud, waste disposal facilities, the creation of original “pyramid schemes”, where new buildings in Moscow due to finish building the rights of apartments in new houses that are in the initial stages. But apart from that there are many developers have real problems, which sometimes do not allow the company to reduce the very law-abiding “to make ends meet.” The main reason for “headache” builder, and a huge component of the value of future buildings in Moscow – it land. Plots of land for the construction of the property companies are moving with great difficulty and at great expense. Sometimes, in order to start construction, we have to use non-standard, which eventually lead to problems of the company. Between different developers for each plot is a kind of war, and war, as you know, requires resursov. Takimi resources are additional conditions that must comply with the developer to build a new home or a complex of new buildings in Moscow were allowed. As a rule, the city in this case is trying to solve their problems and challenges due to the developer. A typical example of when to take a positive decision on the transfer of land among other things, what is not said, but everyone understands the developer is also committed to the reconstruction of utilities or the construction of an important social object such as schools or hospitals. Of course, that eventually all this increases the cost per square meter, and if it is above the market, the company appears ubytki. Krome problems with getting the land developers sometimes complain about the sudden circumstances of which they did not know before the start of construction. For example, the city government plans to let near future new buildings of Moscow metro line, as they were not warned in advance. As a result, the cost of work to lay the foundation and protection from vibration increases by 20-40% from the originally planned velichiny. Zastroyschiki argue that fanned the flames and entered into force changes to the law of equity participation, where, in fact, identified only three forms of relationship builder and the client: the contract equity housing cooperatives and housing certificates. On the second and third option clients are reluctant, as are not flat, and share or a security, respectively. A contract equity participation in many projects at the final stage, the developer has not obtained due to the incompatibility sign documents required by law.